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De su pagu, pagheddu. Dae su pagu si faghet su meda.
De su pagu, pagheddu.
Dae su pagu si faghet su meda.

Acadèmia de su Sardu APS is an association of social promotion (meaning a charity of volunteers) founded in 2009. Acadèmia carries out activities aimed at achieving perfect bilingualism and research in the field of Sardinian linguistics, so that Sardinian can be the official language in Sardinia alongside Italian, fighting every day for the rights of sardophones and the defence of the spoken and written Sardinian language. From 2009 to today it has published grammars, orthographic proposals and historical-anthological reviews to write Sardinian in a unitary form, supporting the double orthographic and linguistic norm as the standard of the Sardinian language; has promoted civic actions for perfect bilingualism in every context of Sardinia (Public Administration; School and University; Church; Courts; companies and businesses); he has written important projects for teaching and scientific research.

Furthermore, Acadèmia de su Sardu APS is a cultural association regularly registered, starting from February 2023, in the Single Third Sector Register (Runts) and is therefore a third sector body itself, compliant with regional, state and EU laws.


  • Arrègulas po ortografia, phonètica, morphology e fueddàriu de sa Norma Campidanesa de sa Lìngua sarda (2009), Alfa Editrice.
  • Su Sardu – spelling proposal (2017), Domus de Janas.
  • Su Sardu Standard (2019), Alfa Editrice.
  • Su Sardu, lìngua de Europa (2021), Alfa Editrice.

Completed projects

  • Su sardu, lingua de Europa (funded by Fondazione di Sardegna).
  • Càstia, intendi and ligi (financed by Fondazione di Sardegna).
  • LemONS (funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna).

International conferences

  • XIX ICML (International Conference of Minority Languages) Carmarthen (Wales – UK)(2023).
  • XXXVIII Romanistentag of Leipzig (Germany)(2023).

Civic actions we proposed and supported

  • For perfect bilingualism (2018-2021).
  • For a bilingual school (2018-2021).

Important recognitions

  • The book Arrègulas po spelling, phonetics, morphology and fueddàriu de sa Norma Campidanesa de sa Lìngua sarda was adopted as the standard norm of Sardinian by the Province of Cagliari (today Metropolitan city of Cagliari) with resolution n° 17 of the Provincial Council on 17 March 2010 and subsequently by the Municipality of Capoterra with resolution n° 28 of the Municipal Council of 20 June of 2013.
  • Furthermore, the Campidano regulation contained in Su Sardu Standard was adopted by the Municipality of Ballao with resolution no. 30 of 22 August 2023.

Acadèmia de su Sardu APS is the sole owner of the site which concerns the LemONS (Sardinian Normed Orthographic Lemmary) financed with funds from the Sardinia Foundation. For further information you can consult its website:; its Facebook and Instagram page and you can contact us by writing to: and calling +39 3406942375.